FRP/ECR/Epoxy Fiberglass Rod For Insulator(composite core rod)

Short Description:

Application:polymer insulator/arrester/cutout fuse


Dimensions: 10-110MM

Material:epoxy resin and fiber glass

Color:brown or green

Type: Common rod, High-temperature rod,Acid-proof rod

Product Detail

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Epoxy Resin Fiber glass rod is adopt glassfiber steeped into epoxy resin pultrusion under high temperature,which have features of light weight,stable mechanical performance,high insulation performance,etc and cover the range of voltage from 10KV to 1000KV.

Tensile performance is particularly outstanding,which tensile strength can up to 1360Mpa or more,we mainly produce:Common rod,

High-temperature rod,Acid-proof rod ect. This product can be used as the core rod of composite insulator, the vaulthing pole of the arresters and the insulant of other high machanical and electrical appliance.

Insulating Solid Rod is made of ECR glass reinforced epoxy resin.We use continuous pultrusion procss .The products fullfill The standard of IEC61109.Insulator core rods also are also called fiberglass rod,FRP rod,GRP rod,fiberglass bar,Insulation rod,fiberglass stick and so on. It is widely used in the electrical industry, our fiberglass epoxy resin rod products be exported to Russia, France, Romania, Hungary, Vietnam and India, and other countries.


1). Corrosion resistant,light

2). Extremely strong and durable

3). High strength

4). Fire retardant

5). Good insulation

6). Good flexibility, corrosion resisting


Dimeter of rounded rod: D16, D18, D20, D24, D26, D28, D30, D32, D34, D36, D40, D46, D50,D53, D55, D60, D68, D70, D80, D90, D96, D100, D110, D150 and so on

Length of Round rod: 200mm to 6000mm, it’s depend on customer’s request.

Also, can open new mould according to customer’s demand.

Specification Item
Density ≥2.1g/cm3
Water Absorption <0.05 %
Tensile Strenth ≥1200 Mpa
Bending Strenth ≥900 Mpa
Flexural Strength in thermal state ≥300 Mpa
Water Diffusion Test (12 KV)1min <1 mA
Dye penetration pass after 15mins

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