High Strength Square Fiberglass Rod

Short Description:

Application: Electric switch,electrical insulation

Technique: Pultrusion

Material: Epoxy resin and fiberglass yarn


Square Rod Size:10x24mm,10x30mm,16x22mm 20x30mmect, can open new mould as per the client’s request.

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This product is widely used in composite suspension long rod insulator, composite post insulator, composite cross-arm insulator, composite drop switch insulator, disconnector, wind deflection of composite insulator, spacer composite insulator, composite insulator for electric railway overhead contact line and other composite insulator industry. The product quality we manufacture for our clients meets IEC 61109DL/T 810GB/T 13096-1GB/T 775.3JB/T 5892-91 and other related technical requirements. Our Factory is the ISO9001:2008 certificated professional manufacturer,

specializing on  fiberglass and carbon fiber products,which include  the fiberglass rods,fiberglass tubes,fiberglass sheet,as well as various fiberglass profiles,like the fiberglassI beam,fiberglass channel,fiberglass angle,etc.  Pultrusion process is a kind of method to make continuous composite profiles,which use the twistless roving on the creel with other continuous reinforced composites, polyester surface mat,ect. to proceed the resin impregnation, and then keep the forming mould at certain section, make the continuous depanning after curing in the intramode. Thus,the pultrusion products come out by this automatic production process.Pultrusion products includes fiberglass pultrusion profiles,carbon fiber pultrusion profiles,fiberglass and carbon fiber pull wound profeiles,ABS or smilar thermoplastic and FRP or other thermoset co-extrusion profiles.The common products like round rods,round tubes,flat bars,square tubes,steel angles,U-bars,joist steels,T profiles and other kinds of special profiles.


1). Corrosion resistant, light

2). Extremely strong and durable

3). High strength

4). Fire retardant

5). Good insulation

6). Good flexibility, corrosion resisting


Specification Item
Density 2.1g/cm3
Water Absorption <0.05 %
Tensile Strenth 1200 Mpa
Bending Strenth 900 Mpa
Flexural Strength in thermal state ≥300 Mpa
Water Diffusion Test (12 KV)1min <1 mA
Dye penetration pass after 15mins

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