Arrester Core Rod/Durethan Arrestor Core/MOV Stack for Lightning Arrester

Short Description:

Outside Diameter: D34mm, D36mm, D38mm, D40mm, D42mm, D46mm, D48mm, D52mm ect

Length: 142mm, 147mm, 260mm, 344mm, 460mm and so on

Can open new molds according to customer’s requirment.

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This MOV Stack/Durathan for Lightning Arrester is the main part of the metal oxide arrestorthe durethan is the core components arresters, which are produced by complex process equipment with excellent voltammetric characteristics. They are widely used in the protection of electrical equipment. The main advantageit’s faster response speed, widely flow through characteristic , low residual pressure, and minimal leakage under normal operating conditions. It's currently the main parts in arrester assembling and used in the electronic field worldwildely.The product can be used for making lightning arresters for power distribution, power stations, and cable accessories arrestor and so on.

The advantages of Core assembled MOV stack (Durethan Core)

1. Good electrical insulation,

2. High dielectric strength,

3. Resistance to leakage,

4. Corrosion resistance,

5. Heat resistance,

6. Resistance to cold,aging,explosion-proof,hydrophobic,good sealing performance.

Main Specification




35 36 38 40 42 43 44 46 48 52 58 60 64 68


260 260 260 260 438 550 260 260 260 550 550 550 550 55

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