Composite/Polymer Insulators

  • composite polymer pin insulator

    composite polymer pin insulator

    Composite pin insulator, also called polymeric pin insulator or polymeric line post insulator, consists of an insulating core-fiberglass rod protected by a housing (HTV Silicone Rubber) intended to be mounted rigidly on a supporting structure by means of a pin passing up inside the housing which is moulded or cast by circumferential crimping process. product material :The composite insulator is made of insulating rod ,silicon rod glue sleeve and both end of the fittings .

  • Composite Post Insulators

    Composite Post Insulators

    Post Insulator special for badly polluted areas, high mechanical tension load, long span and compact power line. And have feature of light weight, small volume, unbreakable, anti-bend, high strength for anti-twist and strong explosion protection.

  • Composite Suspension Insulators

    Composite Suspension Insulators

    Composite suspension insulators:the silicon rubber rain shed, designed according to the aerodynamics principle, use the whole-moulding method, to make sure the validity of total creepage distance under every climate and nasty conditions, as well as improved the pollution discharge of the insulators;The fiber rod uses the ECR high-temperature and acid-proof material; The end fitting connection adopts the zinc cover protection, supersonic monitor and coaxial constant compression controlled by computer, finished with good appearance and high quality.