Hexagonal Epoxy Rod/Hexagonal Fiberglass rod

Short Description:

Application: Electrical insulation


Material: Fiberglass Yarn and Expoy Resin

Color:Light Green

Size: S22.5mm,S25mm,S28mm,S32mm,S36mm ect and length as customer’s request.

Product Detail

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Specification Item
Density ≥2.1g/cm3
Water Absorption <0.05 %
Tensile Strenth ≥1200 Mpa
Bending Strenth ≥900 Mpa
Flexural Strength in thermal state ≥300 Mpa
Water Diffusion Test (12 KV)1min <1 mA
Dye penetration pass after 15mins


1. Light weight, high strength, good corrosion resistance

FRP is a good corrosion resistant material, and has good resistance to air, water, acid, alkali, salt and many kinds of oils and solvents.Has been used in all aspects of chemical corrosion protection, is replacing carbon steel, stainless steel, wood, nonferrous metal and so on.

2. Good electrical performance

It is an excellent insulating material used to make insulators.High frequency can still protect good dielectric property.Microwave transmittance is good and has been widely used in radome.

3. Good thermal performance

FRP has low thermal conductivity and is 1.25~ 1.67kj /(m· H ·K) at room temperature. It is only 1/100~1/1000 of metal. FRP is an excellent thermal insulation material.It is an ideal thermal protection and ablative material under the condition of instantaneous super high temperature, which can protect the space vehicle from the erosion of high-speed airflow above 2000℃.

4. Good design ability

(1) according to the needs, flexible design of a variety of structural products, to meet the use of requirements, can make the product has a good integrity.

(2) can be fully selected materials to meet the performance of the product, such as: can be designed to corrosion resistance, resistance to instantaneous high temperature, a direction of the product has special high strength, good dielectric, and so on.

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