• Composite Suspension Insulators

    Composite Suspension Insulators

    Composite suspension insulators:the silicon rubber rain shed, designed according to the aerodynamics principle, use the whole-moulding method, to make sure the validity of total creepage distance under every climate and nasty conditions, as well as improved the pollution discharge of the insulators;The fiber rod uses the ECR high-temperature and acid-proof material; The end fitting connection adopts the zinc cover protection, supersonic monitor and coaxial constant compression controlled by computer, finished with good appearance and high quality.

  • Lightning Arrester

    Lightning Arrester

    Lightning Arresters is an important protector in electric power system,which be used to pretect the main electric devices against Over-Voltage.Zinc Oxide Arresters adopts zinc oxide varistors with good volt-ampere characteristic nonlinearity as its core,which show high resistance when system nomal boltage,the current only have microamps level; when over voltage,the current that through zinc oxide varistors run up, can fast release the power of over-voltage,thus limit extent of over-voltage, meanwhile,zinc oxide varistor also have these features of large flow capacity, fast response speed,fast response speed,good protection performance and so on. MOAS of this are designed for export.The perfomance of the arresters meets the requirements of Standard IEC60099-4.