Composite Drop Out Fuse

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The outdoor drop-out fuse is applicable for short circuit and overload protections of transmission lines and electric transformers in AC 50Hz power systems with a rated voltage of 10KV.

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The part of organic composite drop-out fuse is made by coating silicon rubber epoxy glass fiber reinfrced plastics with coupling agents,and then molding and vulcanization. It festures high strength,light weight and other advantages and it overcomes such disadvantages of traditional ceramic insulators and other advantages,and it overcomes such disadvantages of traditional ceramic insulators as fragility,and automatic blowout due to bad adaptability to sharp temperature changes.

Composite Drop Out Fuse Product Parameters

Model No. Rated voltage
Rated current
Breaking current
Lightning Impulse voltage


Power frequency

wihstand voltage



YRC1-12/100 11-15 100 8000 110 42 370 4.5 41×35×12
YRC1-12/200 11-15 200 10000 110 42 370 5 41×35×12
YRC2-12/100 11-15 100 10000 110 55 530 5 51*38*11

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